We have nurtured long-standing relationships with our international investors and clients. The expertise and knowledge of our team, who are native speakers and very familiar with the local market and players, means that we are able to provide clients with completely bespoke financing conditions. STX Fixed Income is regulated by the Dutch Authority of the Financial Markets (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) STX passports its license to all EU Member States which gives us the opportunity to trade in any European country.

STX in the Primary Market

STX Fixed Income connects borrowers and lenders worldwide, including banks, institutional investors and asset managers, to provide our clients with access to the very best liquidity and financing solutions.

On the capital market, STX assists clients such as sovereigns, supranational and agencies (SSA) with their funding needs. We service a variety of sectors, including the public, health care and housing corporations. Our finance options include private placements, bonds

(medium-term notes) and bilateral loans. All of these services include a strong focus on sustainable financing.

On the money market, we help our clients issue Certificates of Deposits (CD) or Commercial Papers (CP). Due to our extensive network of clients, we are one of the few firms that can place these certificates directly in the market too. STX owns and facilitates transactions and interbank deposits amongst global financial institutions and clients.

Our Corporate Finance team offers arrangement, structuring and debt placement services for our clients. Specializing in debt financing, our team provides sustainable finance solutions that focus predominantly on renewable energy projects.

STX in the Secondary Market

STX operates as a full-service counterparty for financial institutions such as pension funds, asset managers, treasuries and insurance companies. Providing access to illiquid markets is our core business. We specialize in illiquid debt instruments, such as bonds and loans, and always ensure the best possible conditions for our clients. Furthermore, regardless of the product, you’re interested in trading, we will always provide the price. We are also able to assist companies that are active on the primary market to move bonds to the secondary market too.

STX is specialized in illiquid debt instrument debt instruments, such as bonds and loans. Its role is to provide liquidity for illiquid debt instruments to professionals in financial institutions.

Our counterparties include international financial institutions such as life & pension funds, sovereigns, supranational and agencies (SSAs), wealth funds, central banks and asset managers.

Liquidity is provided through over-the-counter (OTC) trading by an international team that has been building a strong network and relationship with our counterparties.

Clearing & Settlement STX Fixed Income B.V.