Driving Environmental Markets

STX Commodities is a global leader in environmental commodities. Through our network of clients and presence on exchanges, we provide direct market access, unrivaled insight and a constant view of the opportunities available for optimization.

As the pioneering market entrant, our international team is uniquely positioned to consult on the dynamics of both local and macro European and Global markets. This enables us to offer our clients, whether Renewable Generators or Industrials, Utilities or Corporates, bespoke solutions and deal structures to achieve their voluntary and compliance targets. We are offering solutions featuring the following markets:

Renewable Energy Certificates
Renewable Energy Certificates are instrumental in ensuring that the value of electricity from wind, solar, biomass, and other renewable sources, becomes tangible and is realized. Guarantees of Origin (Including RECs, I-RECs, REGOs, GOs) are a tradeable commodity and are the only widely recognized instruments guaranteeing the renewable credentials of electricity supplied. Whether your needs are for voluntary purposes or compliance markets, our specialists will guide you through available options, giving you improved market visibility, and enabling you to make better-informed decisions.


Energy Efficiency Certificates
Several countries have implemented innovative energy efficiency initiatives that encourage both the residential and industrial sectors to conserve power wherever possible. These certificates are issued as evidence that a certain percentage of energy savings has been achieved relative to a projected baseline. They have now become tradable instruments in some European countries (i.e. Italy, Poland, and France).


Solid, liquid or gaseous fuels can be produced from organic matter to provide a waste-derived renewable energy source, this is called biofuel. They can be used to generate electricity, or blended with existing fuels such as gasoline and diesel. As the decarbonization of transport, aviation and maritime become ever more pressing, countries are introducing blending obligations to stimulate the development of these alternative technologies. With Biofuels playing an increasingly important role in developing a sustainable, low carbon economy, STX Commodities is a name give up broker in physical biofuels, feedstocks and blending obligation certificates.

Europe, North America, China have implemented “cap-and-trade” systems to reduce carbon emissions. The companies participating in these compliance systems have an obligation to reduce their carbon emissions. In addition to these compliance markets, companies set voluntary reduction targets. Corporate Social Responsibility reporting is a key driver for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Through voluntary emissions offsets, such as Verified Emission Reductions (VERs), and reporting of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets this market is becoming ever more accurate and transparent.


When anaerobic transformation of organic raw materials occurs from green, household, agricultural, agri-food or industrial waste, biogas can be produced.
Through methane capture, and purification, it can instead be utilized in applications such as heating, generate electricity, or put onto the road as a transport fuel (Liquified or compressed Biomethane), further reducing our dependence on natural gas and other fossil fuels. With existing gas infrastructure networks in place, biomethane is well-positioned to be a major contributor in future decarbonization initiatives around the world.


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STX Commodities

Since its launch in 2005, STX Commodities has become an established international trading firm. Supported by our knowledgeable team, STX Commodities has become an expert at providing market access and creating liquidity in the dynamic, yet illiquid, environmental commodities market.

STX Commodities has offices in AmsterdamGothenburg and New York, providing access to a wide portfolio of products. Our solutions are tailored to each client’s unique requirements and can be applied worldwide. Our products include compliance certificates, biofuels, carbon and biogas, all of which are traded on a global scale.

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