Etienne Ceolín, Senior Sales Trader

“STX has entrepreneurialism rooted in its DNA. Do you think you have a good idea that will generate business? Speak up, and the company will give you the full support, as well as the freedom to make it happen! In addition to an entrepreneurial mindset, you need to be persistent, assertive and a people-person to make it at this company. There are so many different people working here, yet when we work together, it all seems to fit perfectly.”

“I’ve been at STX for almost four years and I can honestly say that I have learned more here than at any educational institute or position.”

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Maxime Hivon, Senior Sales Trader

“No one will deny that the first year in this business is tough. If you are patient, eager, humble, and most importantly, find the right combination between the three, you’ll be able to achieve great things at STX. The kind of accomplishments that simply aren’t possible at other enterprises.”

I’ve always known I wanted to be successful in the commodities industry. When the chance to work at STX presented itself, I understood it was a golden opportunity. Despite many challenges, I kept persevering, and today I can tell that I’m fulfilled and proud to be working at STX.”

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Matteo Mussino, Head of Italian Desk

“Seven years ago, I moved from Italy to take up a position at STX. Working in bureaucratic, hierarchical environments never suited me. At STX, we work well together as a team, but also enjoy personal successes. After all, any personal success is a team success!!”

“STX has assembled a very diverse team with people from all over the world. Having different points of view means that we’re able to find creative solutions to complex business problems. When we brainstorm, all of our individual brains and perspectives work together towards a common goal and to achieve the best possible outcomes!”

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Maaike Altenburg, HR Manager

“Diversity is extremely important for any organisation. Having people on the team with different mindsets ensures that a variety of outlooks can be brought to the table when faced with a challenge. Our hugely diverse team ensures that STX is able to offer a very broad range of skills and qualities to clients.”

“If you pop your head into our offices around 6PM, you’ll most likely find them empty. It’s important to us that all of our employees are able to spend quality time alone or with friends and family. You won’t get any WhatsApp messages or emails after-hours. The only time we’ll be in touch during your free time will be to invite you to the weekly bootcamp workouts or Friday afternoon drinks!”

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Rishi Blaaker, Trader

“It sounds super clichéd – and I hate clichés! – but the atmosphere at STX really is unique. Never before have I worked at a company where, amongst so many different people, I can truly and genuinely be myself!”

“When what you do has a direct impact on the company’s performance, it is an extremely rewarding experience and one of the most exciting parts of my job. I love working for a company that develops and grows so fast, especially knowing that I personally have been part of that success.“

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Kris Swanepoel, Senior Financial Controller

“My colleagues at STX really do feel like my family. We’re close-knit, everybody gets along and nobody is “just a number”. I love that we celebrate success together, but we’re also very good at solving problems together too. Especially for an expat living in Amsterdam, having that family dynamic to fall back on is very important.”

“I love being part of a company with an international vibe and entrepreneurial mindset. One that employs so many people from different countries and cultures. Plus, the fact that the company facilitates and encourages a healthy work-life balance. As long as you adhere to the monthly deliverables, you can essentially manage your own schedule.”

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Koen Parlevliet, Head of Money Market Desk

“When I started at STX three years ago, I was very new to the financial sector. Coming from a marketing background, everything was fresh to me. It was a steep learning curve and definitely not always easy, but also it was one of the most fulfilling challenges I have ever overcome. To start, I was the only person on the Money Market Desk. Today, we’ve grown to a team of four people! You definitely need stamina, but at the same time, it feels good to know that management gives you the freedom and confidence to get things going.”

“My morning typically starts in Korea and ends in New York. I love that the money market is so diverse. The travelling aspect is definitely one of the great perks that come with my job. That, and the rapid pace in which things happen, as well as the opportunity to deal with so many different, interesting people and clients.”

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Deborah Uhlenkamp, Compliance Officer

“I have been working at STX for nine months. It really does feel like one big family with everyone working towards a collective goal: becoming thebig player in our complex, fast-changing, niche market. Every single department works together in unison to give it their all towards achieving this ambition – bringing passion, expertise and knowledge to the table.”

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